What You Need To Know About Our Canine Pampering Services

Yorkshire terrier at grooming salon.

A: Good question! Dogs have a vein and nerve, called the quick, running through the center of their nail that will bleed if clipped. The bleeding is easily stopped by applying quick stop powder to the nail. Rest assured, this does not cause any permanent damage, but it does sting the dog a bit.

The quick can easily be seen on dogs with white nails. Black nails are a different story, but there are clues as to how far to trim them back. It should be noted that the quick in a dog's nail continues to grow. If the dog's nails are not trimmed every two weeks or so, it will be impossible to trim them short without hitting the quick. Either you will hit the quick or you will have nails that are still too long, even after being trimmed.

A dog's nails should not touch the floor. Every time the nail is trimmed, the quick recedes a little bit. The fix for this is for the dog's owner to trim their pet's nails in between groomings or to schedule a nail trim with your groomer every two weeks. Clipping nails is not difficult. There are many tutorials online that can teach you the proper technique!

A: It seems logical, I can understand why you might conclude that, but--it is not in the best interest of the dog. Dogs do not cool off by sweating like humans do, they cool off by releasing heat through panting. Double-coated dogs, like your husky, also regulate heat through the coat by insulating their body from the cold and heat.

They have two types of hairs in their coat--guard hair, the outer ones that provide the oils to make them more water resistant, and undercoat, which provides insulation and a UV shield against the sun. Guard hair has a much slower growth cycle of two years. The undercoat replenishes itself every 6 months or so.

If you shave a dog, the regrowth of the coat will be put off balance. Your dog can end up looking something like a baby bird with floof (undercoat) poking through undersized guard hairs. Granted, you may get lucky and have the dog shaved at a time when the guard hairs are in a growth phase and it can grow back looking okay. But it doesn't usually end that way.

A: No, I don't; that is something that must be handled by your veterinarian.

A: I know that sounds like fun, but for insurance reasons, dog owners cannot be permitted in the van. Incidentally, dogs usually behave better when their owners are not present.

A: Yes we do. We put our Kevlar sleeves on and go to town!

A: No, the van has a 50 gallon water tank and is powered by a generator.

A: we ask that cancellations be made 48 hours before the scheduled appointment so that we may fill that slot. Mobile groomers generally only make five appointments per day so a last minute cancellation results in lost income. There is a $35 cancellation fee if made less than 48 hours from the appointment. There is a $50 no-show fee if you are not home for your appointment. Thank you for understanding.